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Surge in Afghanistan Empty Surge in Afghanistan

Post  Aidan Watson-Morris on Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:47 pm

Is President Obama's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan in the United States' best interest? (Oh, btw - I'm in the US right now, so...)

Right now, I feel that the United States are in a bad situation and while foreign stability is important, you must achieve domestic stability first.

It's true that Opium markets in Afghanistan are a huge problem, and by not doing anything we're encouraging them. Also, their government has requested our help.

But by subsidizing farms in ther industries, we risk not only a danerous xenophobic reaction but there's no way to insure such a market would be profitable.

However, by not subsidizing farms, in a way we're encouraging Opium markets. Citizens of Afghan are opressed by the Taliban, and would not support them. They would look for support from us.

Because of clashing philosophies, the Afghan citizens see us as the opressers and would go to the Taliban. The Taliban are not only a way to put food on the table, they are anti-US.

It is in the best interest of the people if the majority of the people agree with it.

China was rushed into a form of communism that was much less functional than it could've been had they not rushed into it. The majority of the people agreed then. Of course, their current form of government is still better than feudalism.

But you can't compare communism to the troop surge in Afghanistan. Our government is created for situations like these, to go with the majority of the people.

Funny, that's how communism was created.

All right, I think I'm tired of debating with myself. Anyone else wanna step in?

Aidan Watson-Morris

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Surge in Afghanistan Empty Re: Surge in Afghanistan

Post  Fran on Sun May 16, 2010 7:07 pm

I know we're a few months on now from the surge, but it seems to achieved very little. I think the problem with the opium fields is a huge one - I'm not saying it's right, but if Afghan people depend on these fields for their livelihood, and it's taken away, what do they do next? To me the only way to combat such things is to provide alternative industries or employment, and there doesn't seem to be the will to do that. It's all very well telling people "This is bad!" but if it's the only means of income they have it's not helpful.

Large parts of Afghanistan are still lawless and tribal, and not controlled from Kabul. I think there's been a failure to acknowledge that, and it's way past too late to fix it now. I think there was far more justification for Afghanistan than there was for Iraq, but splitting the army's priorities has made both situations unwinnable. However, we can't withdraw from Afghanistan and leave it as rubble, because that's going to drive everyone back to the Taliban.

And I also think we have to get over the idea that we overthrew the Taliban and installed a bunch of feminists in Kabul. But they have a higher percentage of women in their Parliament than the UK does, which is pretty shameful.

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