Welcome to the Medicine forum - please read

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Welcome to the Medicine forum - please read Empty Welcome to the Medicine forum - please read

Post  Fran on Sun May 16, 2010 7:27 pm

This forum can be used to discuss the history of medicine or right up to date.

PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS seek the advice of a fully-qualified doctor if you have a medical issue. I expect any medical doctor would be wary of giving definitive advice on a forum. This isn't intended as a forum where people can list their symptoms and be given wild diagnoses. That's what Google's for. Wink Any threads doing so will be locked. This is purely intended to discuss medical procedures, and IS NOT a doctor's surgery. I have no qualms about removing this topic if all it leads to is people asking for medical advice. I don't mind questions in the abstract, ie what is this drug used for or what's the best way to treat a cold but seeking specific diagnoses won't be tolerated. Cheers, and have fun.

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